“I can really recommend Cosmos. It’s a small, dedicated company and George and his staff were very responsive to us from getting the estimate to completion of the work. We did our homework and got three estimates. Cosmos was exactly where I thought it should be for the work we were getting done. The thing I like most is that he did not try to oversell us- he evaluated the specs of our house and system and made a recommendation on what kind of equipment would greatly increase the airflow. It did not have to be a complete replacement and that saved us money. The work was very good and we are happy with the system. Will use them again.”

“George arrived at precisely the time the appointment was scheduled for and looked clean and professional. He diagnosed the problem quickly (the pipe from the A/C pan to the register on the laundry room floor was clogged), fixed it, and also performed much-needed maintenance on the outdoor A/C unit. The whole thing took under an hour and I was pleased the repair didn’t cost thousands of dollars. He also told me ways to prevent this from happening in the future – which is the primary reason I called in the first place (having read he did this for another Angie’s List customer). I also received $20 off the bill by mentioning the Angie’s List coupon. George genuinely cared that I was happy with the service he provided!”

“Given the 100-degree temperature, and the demand on a/c firms’ time, we were grateful for how fast Cosmos responded. The replacement unit cost more than we had estimated, but we did not go with the cheapest option. To his credit, Cosmos did not engage in any high-pressure tactics to get us to spend more money or to have additional work done. He outlined the options and then let us decide. The replacement took several hours, and the crew was very neat. I feel that we got our money’s worth in terms of quality and professionalism. We would definitely use Cosmos again!”

“He was terrific. Gave accurate pricing for the visit prior to arriving. He didn’t make any extreme promises. He managed to fix the relay that was burned up outside. He never came into my residence. However, he warned me about the rather extreme age of my unit and told me to be prepared to replace it in the near future. Several days later we began having difficulty with the distributor fan on the indoor part of our unit. The problem was intermittent. I called him. He said to call back if the problem worsened. It finally stopped working and he said to turn off the unit immediately so as not to burn out the piece he already replaced. He came the same day and managed to jury-rig a fan to fit my furnace so that I wouldn’t have to replace the entire unit at this time. I’m happier with this company’s service than any provider I have used in the last 30 years.”

“I had recently replaced my thermostat and the AC wasn’t working. George at Cosmos was able to arrive at my home within hours of my call and walked me through the process of solving this issue. He determined the temperature of air coming out of my system was 20 degrees below acceptable levels. He then verified if the new thermostat was compatible (it was) and determined the issue (I needed freon). George gave me the costs up front, which I appreciated, and swiftly provided his services, giving me pointers regarding what to look out for in the future and how to tell if the freon is low./if I have a leak. He also showed me that the AC was working as the air temperature had indeed fallen to acceptable levels. I would absolutely go with Cosmos in the future. George is an exemplary professional with excellent communication skills. I felt comfortable about the resolution and am enjoying my AC once again. I also like that this is a family business. Thanks again for a job superbly done!!”